Our quality assurance program is your assurance of dependable performance from every fastener you purchase from Coburn-Myers. Here’s how we do it:

Vendor Qualification

Our reputation — and our business success — depends on the quality of the products we sell. That’s why we insist on impeccable credentials from the manufacturers who supply us. If we are unfamiliar with a manufacturer, our technical staff will conduct an on-site inspection of the factory to ensure that the supplier is capable of meeting our quality standards.

Consistent Quality

When a manufacturer’s shipment hits our receiving docks, the quality assurance process continues. Shipments are subjected to a physical inspection which weeds out items that fall outside prescribed tolerances, such as thickness and length.

Complete Documentation

If requested, we will submit complete quality control documentation, including physical and chemical analysis, and test samples for your scrutiny. All QC data is maintained on our computers and can be traced back to the original manufacturing production lot.

Checking the Quality of QC Instruments

We maintain complete records of usage, maintenance, and recalibration of all our QC instruments and equipment. It’s one more extra mile we go to ensure the quality and performance of every fastener you buy from Coburn-Myers.