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Copper Mining Is On The Rise

Copper is a precious commodity these days, evidenced by the increase in theft. People often steal copper wiring from outdoor facilities and electric substations to be resold and repurposed elsewhere. Copper does not occur naturally in the earth’s crust, so it must be extracted from a mined ore. These ores include Tennantite, Chalcopyrite, Chalcocite, and more. The price of Copper has skyrocketed in recent years, making it even more profitable to mine. In 2002, one pound of Copper cost $0.76. In 2007 it had jumped to $3.02 per pound, and is now around $3.20 per pound. The four biggest Copper producers in the world are Chile, China, Peru, and the United States, respectively.

In 1992, Chile opened the door for more foreign private investment in large-scale copper mining ventures. This made it possible for American companies to work with the Chilean government in the mining of copper ores in Northern Chile. Chile produces copper, gold, silver, iron, and coal from its mines, and it makes up a very large part of their government funding and exports. Copper mines can be underground or in open-pit form. Once the ore is retrieved from the mines, it goes through an extraction process to separate the copper from the rest of the material. For economic and environmental reasons, the leftover materials are reclaimed for new uses, for example, sulfur dioxide is converted to sulfuric acid and used again in the extraction process. Investment in South American mines has proved very profitable and worthwhile in recent years. 

Construction Industry To See Moderate Growth in 2014

Since 1981, Coburn-Myers has been providing specialty fasteners in virtually any shape, size and material to a wide variety of industries, including construction companies that specialize in building industrial and commercial facilities.

Because our mutual success is intrinsically linked to that of the construction industry, we were particularly interested in McGraw Hill Construction’s 2014 Dodge Construction Outlook report, which provides the forecasting which the construction industry uses to help guide its business planning.

Overall, the report expects total U.S. construction starts to rise 9% to $555.3 billion in 2014, up from the previous year’s 5% increase to $508 billion. McGraw Hill Construction’s vice president of Economic Affairs, Robert Murray, sees 2014 as a year of “measured expansion for the construction industry” based on job growth and interest rates that have remained and are likely to stay historically low. In addition, states and localities are in a better financial position.

More specifically, commercial construction is expected to increase 17% in 2014 – a noticeable uptick from the 15% gain experienced in 2013. Warehouses and hotels will continue to dominate with retail stores and office buildings also showing increases. Institutional building will edge up 2%, which is a marked turnaround after five years of decreases. Educational building commitments will rise with both colleges and K-12 expanding and upgrading.

McGraw Hill’s 32-page report looks at the U.S. construction industry’s major sectors and also provides an outlook for the broad types of construction within each of the five major regions of the country.

As we look ahead to 2014, we’re ready to provide the expertise, experience and fasteners our customers require as they plan and execute on their construction project plans. 

Meet Coburn-Myers

When you need a supplier that stocks not only the highest quality nuts and bolts, but also acts as a partner in your business, we’re here for you. Coburn-Myers was established in 1981 with the most efficient, knowledgeable, and customer-based service in mind. Fasteners are an essential part of your business, and we supply them in any shape, material, and size. There is nothing we cannot get for you.

Here at Coburn-Myers, specialty fasteners are our standard. If you’re not quite certain what you need, our decades of technical knowledge will help you determine which products will provide the best solutions for your needs. Our people are our strength: every member of our staff has extensive experience in the fastener industry, from sales to operations to customer service. We also understand and take advantage of today’s technology. After you place an order with us, our online system stores all of your part history, making it possible for us to reference your quotes and orders in a matter of minutes.

We also understand that when you need a part, you need it fast. That’s why Coburn-Myers’ turnaround times are fast and efficient, whether we are shipping to a local business or halfway around the world. We work in inches as well as metric measurements to better serve you and your business.

Contact us today to have the confidence of knowing Coburn-Myers will be there for your business with the highest quality supplies and technical knowledge today, tomorrow, and for many years to come.