Sourcing Hex Cap Screws of The Highest Quality

When it comes to hex cap screws, sourcing quality should always be a top priority. As a matter of fact, whether talking about metric fasteners or pins as well as stainless steel fasteners and socket products in addition to studs, bolts, nuts and screws, working with a leader in fasteners of all types is vital. Whether measured in inches or metrics, one thing is sure and that is that quality does matter. In terms of products needed for construction and machine assembly, hex cap style screws play an important role in construction and machine assembly operations.

There Are Several Different Grades of Hex Cap Screws Available

Perhaps most unique of all is the fact that screws of this kind are crafted in such a way that they will fit a ratchet or spanner torque wrench. This in effect makes it possible to tighten a screw to precise and exacting specifications. In most cases this type of assembly is intended to create a bolted joint where a threaded shaft fits in a precise manner with a corresponding tapped hole. It is also important to note that there are several different grades of hex cap screws available today. For example, grade 2 screws are commonly incorporated into construction projects when the joining of wood components is necessary.

Used In a Variety of Applications Where Strength Is Important

In addition, grade 5 screws are often found being used in various applications with small engine manufacturing and repairs. Finally, grade 8 screws are frequently used in a variety of applications where strength is important and high tensile strength in particular is needed. With so much to offer it is clear to see why high-quality screws, nuts and bolts make all the difference in industry, manufacturing and a host of other applications. Choosing to work with the right company when it comes to this type of product makes all the difference. Contact Coburn-Myers Fastening Systems, Inc. for more information on premium grade fastening systems.