Trust Expansion Shields to Get the Job Done

From industrial fasteners to anchors and a wide range of other important pieces, parts and components that are used in modern industry and manufacturing as well as even the automobile industry, quality is always a top priority. Accepting second best in this regard will simply not do when it comes to maintaining modern machinery and equipment in peak operational condition at all times. Another important component that should always be carefully sourced to ensure high quality as that of the expansion shield. As with other similar fasteners and components, this is a piece that must be properly designed and custom crafted.

Exposed to Various Degrees of Side Pressure or Levels of Vibration

Expansion shields can be of two different varieties. They may either be single or double piece designs. Regardless of the type of design, they can both be inserted for sheer loads. In addition, they may also be used where the bolt may be exposed to various degrees of side pressure or levels of vibration. It is important to note that expansion shields typically consist of nothing more than a nut, a cone and something known as a tubular shield. When all these components are combined, the end result is a highly reliable and unique type of integrated part.

Expansion of the Shield Serves to Effectively Spread the Anchor Load

With a two-piece tubular shield, in most cases the component will have a wedge shape on the end. It will also incorporate a wedge shaped hollow section on the opposing end of the component. All of these pieces combined are held firmly in place by nothing more than two well-designed spring bands. Finally, on both ends of the component, expansion of the shield serves to effectively spread the anchor load throughout the entire length of the component. Reliability, dependability and long-lasting ruggedness are the standard with this particular piece. To learn more about Coburn Myers simply visit online or call today.