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The Metric System

August 7, 2014

The Metric System

The metric system dates back to the 1700’s, when it was first created. As you can imagine, doing business would be difficult with every neighboring town using a different system. The system set a standard for making both weights and measurements uniform. But it wasn’t until a century later when the system was adopted within the European Union. At this point it began to rapidly spread.

Now fast forward to the modern day and age, and we have the majority of the world using the metric system. It is the default measuring scale used for global trade transactions and agreements. However, three countries still abstain from using the system fully which are the United States, Liberia and Myanmar. The U.S. officially adopted the system in 1975, although it hasn’t been successfully launched. Let’s take a look at the system and what advantages have placed it as the main way to measure our world and conduct business.

Greater Accuracy

The metric system has a central unit of 10’s which can be converted amongst the 7 measuring units in the system. The 7 units are as follows:

Unit for length is the meter
Unit for mass is the kilogram
Unit for time is the second
Unit for electric current is the ampere
Unit for thermodynamic temperature is the kelvin
Unit for amount of substance is the mole
Unit for luminous intensity is the candela

It is Widely Used

Because this system is so widely used, it is beneficial to be prepared to do business on its terms. With 95% of countries using this system of measurements, it is a must for international business.

Base Units

It is easier to follow a system that is interconnected and makes sense. In place of remembering various different conversions, the following base units can be used:

10 millimeters is 1 centimeter
10 centimeters is 1 decimeter is 100 millimeters
10 decimeters is 1 meter is 1,000 millimeters
10 meters is 1 decameter
10 decameters is 1 hectometer is 100 meters
10 hectometers is 1 kilometer is 1,000 meters
Once you have these memorized, you will be equipped to do business with any country in the world.