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Hot press forging

Did you know that fasteners can be fabricated through hot press forging? This blog will cover what exactly that is and why the process is used.

Forging is one of the oldest known metalworking processes. Originally done by a smith using a hammer and anvil, we have thankfully moved to more modern techniques. Today, industrial forging is done with presses. There are two types of presses, mechanical and hydraulic. Mechanical presses use cams, cranks and toggles to produce a fastener. Mechanical presses are faster than hydraulic ones. Hydraulic presses use fluid pressure and a piston to generate force. Hydraulic machinery, while slower, do offer greater flexibility and capacity.

The main advantage of producing a fastener through press forging is that the piece will be stronger than if it was machined or cast. This is because when a piece is forged, the internal grain deforms to follow the shape of the part. This creates a continuous grain, improving the piece’s strength.

Press forging applies a slow, uninterrupted force on a piece, differing from the quick impact of drop-hammer forging. This method is advantageous because it has the ability to deform the completed piece. While this method does take longer, the strength benefits outweigh the length of time needed. Press forging is also more economical than hammer forging, while also creating closer tolerances.

Press forging is especially useful when dealing with very large diameter fasteners. There is no limit to the size created, because there is no limit to the size of the press forging machinery. New techniques have led to a higher degree of mechanical integrity. And by limiting the oxidation to the outer layers of the fastener, micro cracking is reduced.

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The Metric System

Fotosearch_k10972075The metric system dates back to the 1700’s, when it was first created. As you can imagine, doing business would be difficult with every neighboring town using a different system. The system set a standard for making both weights and measurements uniform. But it wasn’t until a century later when the system was adopted within the European Union. At this point it began to rapidly spread.

Now fast forward to the modern day and age, and we have the majority of the world using the metric system. It is the default measuring scale used for global trade transactions and agreements. However, three countries still abstain from using the system fully which are the United States, Liberia and Myanmar. The U.S. officially adopted the system in 1975, although it hasn’t been successfully launched. Let’s take a look at the system and what advantages have placed it as the main way to measure our world and conduct business.

Greater Accuracy

The metric system has a central unit of 10’s which can be converted amongst the 7 measuring units in the system. The 7 units are as follows:

Unit for length is the meter
Unit for mass is the kilogram
Unit for time is the second
Unit for electric current is the ampere
Unit for thermodynamic temperature is the kelvin
Unit for amount of substance is the mole
Unit for luminous intensity is the candela

It is Widely Used

Because this system is so widely used, it is beneficial to be prepared to do business on its terms. With 95% of countries using this system of measurements, it is a must for international business.

Base Units

It is easier to follow a system that is interconnected and makes sense. In place of remembering various different conversions, the following base units can be used:

10 millimeters is 1 centimeter

10 centimeters is 1 decimeter is 100 millimeters

10 decimeters is 1 meter is 1,000 millimeters

10 meters is 1 decameter

10 decameters is 1 hectometer is 100 meters

10 hectometers is 1 kilometer is 1,000 meters

Once you have these memorized, you will be equipped to do business with any country in the world.

Small Fastener Company in a Big World

The industrial sector is not particularly known for being new or “hip.” Industrial and manufacturing companies have been slow to adopt many new technologies, especially when it comes to having an online presence. We noticed that the companies that have embraced digital technology have adapted more easily to changing times and new generations, so we have done the same. Coburn-Myers is a small business that is able to compete with very large industrial fastener suppliers, and we have technology to thank for part of that success. “Online shopping” may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about fasteners, but it is something that we have adopted in our business model in order to make the ordering process as simple and painless as possible for our customers.

We recently revamped our entire website to reflect our attitude towards the changing times. We know that our customers need a website that is interactive, efficient, and fast to help them find the parts they need quickly and to order them with ease. It may seem strange for an industrial fastener supply company to be active online and on social media, but we feel it is the best way to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service and personal attention. Competing with the “big dogs” is easy when you have the right tools and a knowledgeable, experienced staff to provide individual fastener solutions.  

Meet Coburn-Myers

When you need a supplier that stocks not only the highest quality nuts and bolts, but also acts as a partner in your business, we’re here for you. Coburn-Myers was established in 1981 with the most efficient, knowledgeable, and customer-based service in mind. Fasteners are an essential part of your business, and we supply them in any shape, material, and size. There is nothing we cannot get for you.

Here at Coburn-Myers, specialty fasteners are our standard. If you’re not quite certain what you need, our decades of technical knowledge will help you determine which products will provide the best solutions for your needs. Our people are our strength: every member of our staff has extensive experience in the fastener industry, from sales to operations to customer service. We also understand and take advantage of today’s technology. After you place an order with us, our online system stores all of your part history, making it possible for us to reference your quotes and orders in a matter of minutes.

We also understand that when you need a part, you need it fast. That’s why Coburn-Myers’ turnaround times are fast and efficient, whether we are shipping to a local business or halfway around the world. We work in inches as well as metric measurements to better serve you and your business.

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