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The Best in Anchors & Concrete Screws

In today’s modern world where everything from industry to manufacturing and retail as well as general hardware needs demand the best in anchors and concrete screws, it is important to work with a trusted name in the industry. Everything from cap screws to metric fasteners and stainless-steel fasteners as well as studs and washers including even pins and a wide range of other products requires access to the highest quality at the most affordable prices. Best of all, today’s modern and technologically advanced anchors & screws are made to be tough and to endure even the most challenging operational and environmental conditions.

A Vast Array of Unique and Innovative Products

With so much to offer it is clear to see why working with a trusted and reliable name in the industry is always the smart choice. While there are many companies throughout the region and across the country that provide this type of service, one company has clearly stood the test of time. Coburn-Myers Fastening Systems, Inc. is a premier provider of a vast array of unique and innovative products that are designed to last. As a leader in the industry since the early 1980s, the company provides extremely knowledgeable sales staff along with world class products and highly impressive customer service.

Even Hard-To-Find Products Can Be Sourced Through This Industry Leader

Regardless of the size, shape, material or whether inches or in metric, Coburn-Myers Fastening Systems, Inc. delivers. Even hard-to-find products can be sourced through this industry leader. With personalized service and fast and efficient turnaround times, more customers than ever before are turning to Coburn-Myers for all of their anchors, concrete screws as well as threaded rods and studs in addition to stainless-steel fastener related needs. To learn more about all that this innovative and forward-looking company has to offer simply visit online or call today. Finding the best in anchors & concrete screws has never been easier.

A New Type of Concrete May Last Over a Century

A team of engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee have a developed a new type of concrete that can last over 120 years. Known as Superhydrophobic Engineered Cementitious Composite (SECC), this water-repellent concrete is comprised of superstrong fibers that will leave bridges and roads without cracks for many years. Using superhydrophobic additives, mixed with superfine powders, the team was able to create a minute spiky surface within the concrete that was nearly impenetrable to water. An addition of unwoven polyvinyl alcohol fibers allows the concrete to bend without becoming brittle and breaking. The water repellent nature of SECC prevents the absorption of water, which is what leads normal porous concrete to crack. This new concrete is also more pliable, which means that if cracks do form, they will not grow and ultimately cause failure.

According to a list by the Government Finance Officers Association, typical concrete roadways can last up to 30 years and concrete bridges may last as long as 40 years. SECC, however, should be able to last four times as long on roads and three times as long on bridges. While this new concrete would cost more than traditional concrete, the decrease in maintenance costs over the life of SECC would more than make the cost worthwhile.

To test their new concrete, the engineers laid a 4-by-15- foot slab of SECC in a university parking garage. They implanted sensors within the concrete so they can monitor the moisture, stress and load levels. This will allow them to analyze the concrete in the real-world and hopefully prove the findings that they saw in the lab.