Thread Cutting Screws

Thread cutting screws, also known as thread-forming screws, are a type of fastener designed to create internal threads within a material as they are driven into it. These screws have unique features that allow them to cut or form threads into the material, creating a secure and reliable connection without the need for pre-drilled holes or pre-tapped threads.

Unlike tapping screws, which displace material to create threads, thread-cutting screws actually remove material as they are turned, effectively cutting into the material to form threads. This cutting action requires less force compared to tapping screws and results in a thread that matches the screw's own threads precisely, providing a tight fit and strong connection.

Thread-cutting screws typically come with a variety of head styles, such as flat, pan, oval, and hex heads, and they may feature different drive types like Phillips, slotted, or Torx.

Thread-cutting screws are often used in metal-to-metal applications, especially when the materials being joined are relatively hard or resistant to thread formation. They are commonly used in industries like manufacturing, construction, and automotive, where the integrity of the connection is crucial.