Tapping Screws, Phillips Pan Head, Type A, 316 Stainless

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Tapping screws, also known as self-tapping screws, are a type of fastener designed to create threads within a material as they are driven into it. Unlike traditional screws or machine screws that require pre-drilled holes or pre-tapped threads, tapping screws have a unique design that allows them to cut or form their own threads as they are screwed into the material. This makes them particularly useful for joining materials together without the need for prior preparation.

Tapping screws typically have sharp, pointed tips that help them initiate the thread-forming process. As they are turned clockwise, the screws cut into the material, creating a threaded path that securely holds the screw in place. This thread-forming capability is especially handy when working with materials like metal, plastic, or wood, where traditional screws might not easily penetrate or hold.

Tapping screws come in various head styles, including flat, pan, oval, and hex heads, among others. They may also have different drive types, such as Phillips, slotted, or Torx, to suit various installation tools and preferences.