Split Lock Washers

Split lock washers, also known as helical spring washers or split spring washers, are a type of washer designed to prevent nuts and bolts from loosening due to vibrations, thermal expansion, or other factors. They are characterized by their unique shape, which consists of a ring with a split or gap that runs along its circumference, creating a spring-like structure.

It's important to note that split lock washers have limitations and may not be the most effective choice in all situations. In some cases, they can deform or lose their locking ability over time, especially in high-stress or high-temperature applications. As a result, alternative locking methods such as nylon-insert lock nuts, serrated flange nuts, or thread-locking compounds are sometimes preferred for more critical fastening applications. Nevertheless, split lock washers remain a common and cost-effective choice for many general-purpose applications where preventing loosening is important.